What’s Startila (for buyers)?

On Startila.com you can buy (i.e., acquire a license for) almost any type of software codes.


Buying codes makes sense for non-coders (you just have to!) as well as coders - paying a few bucks to somebody who already did the hard work is more time-efficient than developing everything yourself.

If you like the codes you bought, Startila.com allows you to earn referral commissions by sharing them.

If you’re a coder yourself, also think about offering your codes on Startila.


If I buy codes, and don’t like them, do I get a refund?

Startila.com is a marketplace where sellers have their own ‘shops’ which means they define their refund policies individually. Therefore, before buying codes, please carefully read the description on the product page.


If the seller doesn’t make any statement about refunds, assume that no refund will be granted. Software codes can be easily copied after purchase and therefore not be ‘returned’. Hence, refunds are typically an exception to the rule, unless the seller states otherwise. Also see our General Terms.


How can I use the codes (after purchase)?

When you ‘buy’ codes, you don’t actually buy them; you only acquire the right to use the codes within the stated license. Have a look at the different licenses on Startila.


Is support included with the codes I buy?

This depends on the product – by default not, however a seller can state on the product page that support is provided.


How do I know if the codes (I’m considering buying) are any good?

Before buying please have a look at the reviews this product has received. Also, check out the seller’s overall rating (which is the sum of all his products’ reviews) to get an indication of the quality.

If questions remain, please contact the seller. We encourage sellers to state on the product pages how they can be contacted.


Where do I see the invoice for the purchase?

Please login and click on the “Buy” tab. There you’ll see all the codes you bought. Under every product you bought you’ll see an “Invoice”-link. Please click it to see the invoice.


Is my information safe?

Yes. We take data protection very seriously. Please have a look at our Privacy Policy.


Is my money safe?

Yes. Your wallet is maintained and operated by Paystack; a payment provider based in Nigeria which has an excellent reputation.